The best gift

Hey there! Yesterday, we celebrated one of the yet another beautiful traditional festival with our extended (but close) family. We were about 20 happy shiny people, dressed in the best we have, serving, feasting, exchanging gifts and creating memories.

Of all the gifts I get, the best one always comes from Grandfather.  The tall old man in his white attire and wide smile is my favourite man on this planet. And his gift is my most precious one.

He loves being the first one to give: and so he distributes the gifts a couple of days before the fest. He calls us one by one, asks us to stand before him with hands stretched forth, ready to receive. And with his loving hands, he places a small bundle of notes in our palms. We beam with happiness, and he beams when he looks at us beam. He hands us a bundle of a few 10 rupee notes, and a 1 rupee note on top of it. The notes are crisp and unmistakeably new, and are carefully and neatly tied with a rubberband, along with a little handwritten note. The note says, “Dear Preeti, your gift for Onam and your birthday”. And he signs it with “your loving Grandfather..always!”

The best gifts in life are given by people who love you most. It is foolish to attach any monetary value to them, because their true worth lies not in the gift; it lies in the memory of the giver.


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