The Offering

What are your belongings? What is your offering?

Through what means have you accumulated them?

You can become what you yesterday wished to become, and you can have everything you yesterday wished to have. But what are the means you adopt? How many lives are you affecting in the process? How many people have you hurt till today? How much have you changed? Or rather, how much has the pursuit of your dreams changed you? How many fights? How many curses did you utter inside the walls of your mind? How many people have wept silently because of you? How many for you? Has everything been accounted for? Has every hurt soul been healed? Have you earned and given forgiveness for everything? Is your yesterday at peace? 

The humble pious Muslim, before he takes his Hajj, his pilgrimage to Mecca, steps into the home of every person he has ever known, and asks for forgiveness for anything wrong he might’ve ever said or done to him. He readily spends whatever money he collected over a lifetime for the Hajj, but borrows neither money, nor clothes nor food for his trip. He doesn’t want to owe anyone anything. He wants to be pure of all burden. When he walks to the tomb of the Prophet, he is draped in only two pieces of cloth. And he doesn’t carry anything as offering to his Almighty. He offers himself.

And such a life, that has not harmed, nor cheated nor borrowed, and is abluted of all the misdoings of yesterday, is the greatest offering.


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