Free and waiting

India is 66 years old and free.

The dog and the cow are discussing the need for street food.

The police are fishing through the city.

The night watchman broke his alarm while trying to stretch.

The rains are still fighting over the best time to fall.

The winter is standing not very far aside, looking at his watch, grinning.

The old man is walking all alone today.

The cubicle walls are being stared at for hours.

Somewhere, a little boy dropped his tiffin and won’t go to school.

The housemaid walks in. She’s got a new pair of used slippers.

The housemaid walks out. Her phone doesn’t stop ringing.

The martyr was crying beside me in last night’s dream.

The political banner has a spelling mistake.

The new range of economy cars is too cramped up for space.

We want a new mall. We want longer breaks. We want more time. We want fresher lakes.

India at 66. We shine, we fade. we want, we wait.


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