Anton Ego’s lesson

The tall, skinny, heartless perfectionist from the movie Ratatouille with an vampirous stone-face and long, dangerously graceful fingers.

“I don’t like food.” he says. “I LOVE food. If I don’t love it…” he stoops down to the hopelessly shaking chef, widens his eyes until you think they’ll fall off, and utters with a drooling grudge, “I DON’T SWALLOW!”

We hated him. But he turned out to be a character that taught one of the greatest lessons we’ve learnt from the animated films.

“Not everyone can be a great artist. But a great artist CAN come from ANYWHERE.”

The stone-faced tormentor wasn’t heartless after all. And the day he acknowledged that true talent can come from anywhere, he opened out to the world and became a happy ol’ man.

I know for a matter of fact that great art can come from the most unexpected of people. Its not very hard to believe in a country like India, where you’ll find extraordinary talent even on the streets, deprived of everything else, singing and rope-walking by day, and sleeping under a sheet of cardboard by night.


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