Meaning! Huh!

We talk about every life having a meaning. And we talk about discovering ours. As to my opinion, the Oxford dictionary has all those words and meanings that matter. Beyond that, men philosophise. And oh, don’t we love to philosophise! It gives us the opportunity to do what we, by nature, most love to do: Rationalize. rationalize why, how much, why not, how much not. But man is born to live, not to rationalize. You need not have all the answers. You don’t need to know what every word in the dictionary means to write an essay.

Life is a state of being. Its not ‘supposed to be’ anything. It just is. And it comes with every licence you really need to be happy. The other ones get home-delivered on application. You don’t have to wait, you don’t have to find, and don’t have to fly high. You have to dream, and do what you love, and get through. What do you want a meaning for?


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