Why am I still struggling?

Because thirty years down the line, I plan to be one hell of an inspiring person. I want to have learnt many, many things, and I want to have taught everything I’d have learnt by then.

I want to have travelled; if not to many countries across the world, at least to many fascinating places I haven’t even dreamt of. And I’d be running a BIG ‘Small Business’ that supports small businesses. I want to have earned enough to spend on the people and things I love, and I want to have a BIG circle of people I love. I want to have adopted a kid and raised him/her like my own. I want to have been in touch with all the people who would’ve made me the amazing person I would’ve become.

You cannot find purpose nor make sense out of the happenings in your life right now unless you can step back and see where it fits in the bigger picture. And there is no big picture unless you yourself paint one.


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