Ooh! Workouts!

It happens at the beginning of every season. Every morning, I wake up knowing that I should workout, but very vulnerable to any thought that can back me out from a workout. Bad sleep. Sleepy morning. Not feeling like it. Wanted to go for a walk, but darn! it’s either too hot or freezing cold outside or its raining cats and dogs. Or the treadmill needs oiling. Or I have this other very important thing I need to do. I can always workout tomorrow. I’ll do an extra 10 minutes of it.

But then one day comes, when I rid myself of the ‘should’, and look for a real reason to workout. This season, I discovered one more.

My reason this season was the great way my skin feels after a workout, even during one actually. Yes, I know, the face goes all red, and drops of perspiration trickle down the temples and the neck, but eventually, if you focus, you can feel the pores of your face unblock and open. You can feel your skin breathe in fresh, cool air. Just like, if you focus, you notice that much of the strain you feel during a workout is the strain in breathing, and that if you smartly keep it as normal as you can, the strain is halved and you can walk, jog and run for double the time. And burn double the fat. And feel double fabulous looking at your wet, soft, glowing skin in the mirror.

So this is what I love to do every morning. To wake up, drink a cup of steaming black coffee, wear my jogging shoes on, and get running!

I love doing that.


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