Shall you see?

We all can read. We all can see. We all have sense of sight. We can recognise, differentiate and categorize every element we see. We’re blessed. But you know what? We couldn’t really have done most of the ‘recognizing’ stuff without the genius of a mind. So we’re double blessed. With a pair of eyes, plus a mind that sees things.

But you know what the problem is? Our blessed mind is seasoned. To see things and miraculously, not to see things. We season it. And as a result, we see things only the way we want to see them. We WANT to see things. We WANT to learn. We WANT to get to know people. We want to experience. But we see things only the way we WANT to see them. And our blessed mind is nothing but the poor passive projector-screen.

We’ve seasoned our intelligent heads to judge. To evaluate. To generalise and then to infer. That looks good. That looks awful. He seems to be manipulative. She sounds jealous. They must be mad. We’re so much better. You’re so nice. They’re so irritating.

Can we stop doing this? No, of course we can’t. Sometimes its good to see things the way we do. They’ve given it a beautiful name: Perception.

But what about the ugly side? What about all the judging? What about the dark, opaque projector-screen? Shall we switch on some lights and see what’s really there? Shall we stop judging everyone around us? Shall we see?


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