Home-Maid happiness

Hi there. Three days of sleep overdose, a hoarse throat and hours of watching random television. Phew. Anyway, my sleeves are all rolled up now, and I’m back to the corner seat of the dining table, typing away to glory.

Let me tell you about this incredible woman I know. She’s about thirty-five, short, well-built and comes home every morning with a smile that spreads from one ear to the other. She’s the only one who has a pet-name for me : )

She is the most talked to in my family, though technically, she isn’t biologically tied to it. She loves to talk, but she talks only while she’s doing something more constructive. And she always has something constructive to do next. She’s the busiest, yet somehow, also the happiest woman I know. And whenever she’ll talk, she’ll tell you things about yourself nobody else will. Not always good things, though. She’ll even laugh at you sometimes, but the next moment, you’d be laughing with her.

A mother to four, she might not have a lot of money, but unlike most of us, she’s well-off without it. She always has enough to spend, to give and to celebrate. And boy, you should listen to how they celebrate!

She’s incredible. Because within a span of less than an hour, she cooks, does dishes, mops the floor, cleans the house and every single day, leaves you feeling a bit better about your life.


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