Memoirs of a golden autumn…

There are some places in this world, which mesmerize you from the instant you hear of them. Your mind paints endless landscapes of that unexplored place, you ‘come across’ its name and its references almost everywhere around you, and you visit it a thousand times in your dreams. And if you dream of it a thousand times more, in your wake, one day, you find yourself amidst that place, your feet on that soil, your breath in its air. And you can tell your dream apart from the reality that meets your eyes, because the latter is more beautiful.

For me, this place was Heidelberg. A beautiful city in Germany, where I lived the three most dream-like weeks of my life. The place I visited a thousand times each in my sleep and wake, and the place that one day placed me on.

Through a short series of fiction that I shall post on this blog every Sunday, I wish to unravel to you the simple wonders of Heidelberg, and the joys of a young woman who got the opportunity of a lifetime to live a few best days of her life in the city that she never even knew existed.

Join me next Sunday.




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