Get Random

I hope being a writer doesn’t mean you’ll always feel like writing. If it does, then I’m definitely not a good writer. My relationship with things I love to do (writing included) is that of love-hate. Eighty love and twenty hate, I’d say. Sometimes, I can’t put myself to sit down and even think about writing. And if you’re like me, I’m sure you must feel the same towards what you love to do. Sometimes, it just gets on your nerves. With no fault of its own, really.

Today was the twenty-percent day. The day of not wanting to sit and pen something down. The day of not wanting to read my favourite blogs, nor to write a few lines, or even listen to my playlist. The long, boring, uneventful twenty-percent day. I didn’t want to watch the hard core action movies on T.V. I wouldn’t torture myself to that extent. I thought I’d get myself to read. And on one tiny corner of a page in the book I was stooping over, there was a small icon of a hand holding a pen. Somehow, that was of more interest to me than whatever might’ve been written in that book. I picked up a pen and tried copying that little drawing. I did. It was terrible. At least for someone who knew to draw pretty well in high school. I started over. And over. That one small hand gave me a tough time. I don’t remember how many times I tried, but the next thing I do know, I was busy sketching. A hand. Hands. Fingers. Feet. The left angle. The right angle. I was trying to remember the techniques my Sir had taught me in school, but when I figured I’d forgotten them, I googled my way to some sketches I could copy from. And a couple of hours later, I ended up having done at least 50 random sketches, out of which, honestly, 2 turned out decent.

Like that matters! What matters is that I got random. I let my mind go astray. I didn’t pin myself down to the laptop and fish for words to type. I didn’t choose the convenience and the torture of those action flicks on T.V. Instead, I had a great evening reviving something. Something that I might not take up seriously, but something that I’d almost forgotten I once enjoyed doing.


3 thoughts on “Get Random

  1. I feel the same way many times. I have to write at my job and sometimes I don’t want to write for myself since I have to do it all the time for work. Nice post.

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