Do this right now

Thank God you have a job you can be unhappy about. Or that you a have a cracked ceiling above your head. Or you have people around you who care enough to piss you off. Or that you have to wake up early and go to work, spend your day sitting before the computer and squeezing your brains out. Thank God you have that finance you have a problem with it, and that your kids are going to that school where they’re not doing as well as you want them to.

Be grateful. For what you have. If you can’t be, change what you have. If you can’t change it, find the strength to live with it. But in any case, don’t ever curse your destiny or some God or cry over how little He gave you.

Because there are people who live in corners of the world you haven’t even heard of, who live in houses made of cardboard boxes and earn their living by manually filling and carrying buckets of human excreta from public toilets to the compost pits miles away. Every single day. Their children don’t to school, and even if they do, they’re asked to do the same inhuman chore in school. They’re given the feeling like they were born to do it. Can you think of anything remotely as humiliating as this? Don’t you have many things to be grateful to life for?

Thank God you didn’t have to live like any of them. Thank God you’re living a life of dignity, however screwed up it is.


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