Show it

I love the movie The Terminal so much, I might’ve watched it over fifty times. It’s not a ‘legendary’ make that will go down in golden letters in the history of Hollywood, but it will sure stay on top of the list of movies that change my mind whenever I watch them.

There’s a small moment in the film. Viktor and Amelia are about to part ways at the airport terminal one night, and they both know they’re not going to see each other for a long time. That’s when Viktor asks Amelia, “Do you know what Napolean gave Josephine on their wedding day?”

Amelia is apparently crazy about Napolean’s stories. She smiles. ‘No. Tell me. Come on, tell me.’

Now, he could have told her that the gift was a thousand splendidly shimmering fountains, but he nodded instead and in his broken Krakozhian English he said, “I show you.”

He spent the rest of the nights that followed building a replica of the thousand splendid fountains on the wall of a deserted corner in the terminal, working on  the façade by sticking up uneven pieces of shimmering tiles and plumbing up the dilapidated place that once probably held a row of wash-basins.

When Amelia was there to see him again, with a thousand questions lurking in her mind about the Viktor she didn’t quite know, he dropped the curtains off that  magnificently decorated wall, and what Amelia saw, must’ve given her heart palpitations. And the sight of her wonderment must’ve been a sight that Viktor would’ve treasured for a lifetime.

How about we stop ‘telling’ and start ‘showing’? How about we stop saying ‘I love you’ and think of little ways show them that? (There can be hundreds, I’m sure. ) Or instead of saying ‘Watch out for me, I’m going to win this time’ we actually get that Trophy or that prize home? How about we dazzle our competitors instead of fighting them? Instead of creating dialogues with people we care about, how about we create moments that they’ll always want to remember? How about planning some surprises? How about giving some heart palpitations? 🙂



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