If you and I were to sit over a cup of coffee and discuss all the things we missed and lost in life, we could talk way through the night until the next sunrise, and still not have finished.

Face it. Life is unfair. We know what we deserve, but seldom get our share. We know what we’re worth, but the world doesn’t value it. We have talent, but we never had enough opportunity or luck to put it to shine. We love our people, yet some of them hate us back. Our struggles are tougher and longer than those of many around us. Our parents had it better than us. We have 10 times their troubles, and a lot of our lucky friends have it better than us. We lost some of our loved ones, and they clearly didn’t deserve to be taken away. We have had to live through nightmares, through mistakes, through times of financial crises and familial tragedy. We’ve had too much of trouble for our share already.

Here’s the consolation. No matter what the degree of your trouble or dilemma, you aren’t the first one challenged to deal with it. Many people across the ages and around the world would have been sentenced to the same. And the problems you have have all been fought against and conquered by many.  Look around for stories like yours. Look up further into what they did to conquer their strife. And remember that with their problems, they were common people; only after the conquest did they become heroes.


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