~kshama shakthi ashakktharrkku aabharanam kshama~

Patience, tolerance and forgiveness is power, they are the ornaments of the weak.

None of us were born weak. But each one of us has been weak at least through one rough phase of our life. We have given in to the weakening, dizzying coercion of circumstance, and we’ve collapsed into our secret chamber of surrender for a while. Until we realise that we’ve borne too much and sworn too little. We become selfish for an instant, we think about ourselves, about our plight, about all what we’ve allowed to happen to ourselves and how we enough is enough. And we stand upright in that moment of selfishness, overthrowing every sense of suppression. And soon, the bruises heal, and the scars become so faint, only we can see them.

But there are some people, who become saints and bleed of out of suppression all their life. They take their life through hell all along, like walking a stray dog through the rain of pelted stones. They are too tolerant, too weak, too fearful to find their own feet. They love without condition and their preference for comfort and fear of disruption is non-negotiable. Even at the highest cost of their well-being. They are abused as children, manipulated as youth, beaten as wives and whiplashed as untouched. They believe in their weakness, and that is what becomes the reward of their belief.

Such people survive not as much on food, water and shelter as much as they do on Patience, forgiveness and tolerance. Apart from these three virtues, they have nothing.


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