Anyone can cook!

I’m a good aid in the kitchen, but I hadn’t really challenged myself to cook something new by myself for quite sometime. Feels good to have finally shaken awake my culinary inclinations a bit.

Last evening, I cooked a mini-meal for my folks. A simple pasta in tomato sauce, and some freshly fried French fries to partner it. Boy, that felt good!

It took me about half an hour of browsing through recipes to find the simplest, yummiest one, and another hour of cooking, boiling, grinding and frying. Then, when it was all done, I took out the best cutlery I had. I gave the beautifully sizzling pasta the best cheese dressing I could. And I had the best time watching my family eat it together, relishing every bite. They said a lot of good things, but I was hardly listening. I was just watching them relish, and hearing myself think: Okay, so what is it going to be tomorrow?

Have you ever tried cooking for the love of adventure? If I can cook, anyone can. Try it. If you love it, do it often. You’ll love yourself.


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