Can we laugh?

Today I had the heartiest of laughs in a long time. With my dad next to me, laughing as heartily. We were mechanically skimming through the television channels, when we stumbled upon a very familiar visual of a funny, short man, with his short, funny moustache, his typical rounded hat and stick, walking with his trademark limp. It was Charlie Chaplin in one of his hilarious ol’ films, and how could anyone want to watch something else?

We watched, laughing uncontrollably, springing on the couch, as he toppled over a can of oil, banged his head against the lightpole, and sung a hilarious song in jibberrish, accompanying it with the loudest of his expressions and moves, to convey the song to his enthralled audience.

And when the violins play ‘Smile…’ in the background, one’s thoughts transcend effortlessly to the man who loved and lived this song, and who made such a laugh of himself and the strifes and misfortunes of his life. “To truly laugh, Chaplin said, “you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!”

Can we do that? Can we really play with our strifes and misfortunes? Can we be childlike and laugh at our own fate? Can we be less hesitant to make new mistakes every day? Can we fail every single time and yet never stop trying? Can we be kind and foolish and honest enough to admit how funny we really are? Can we fall down a million times and still stand up a million and one?

Or of course, we can live like life were a life sentence, and that nothing was worth the suffering it brings.

“What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning.”
~Charlie Chaplin


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