Listen with you eyes

I love this small anecdote I came across in Mitch Albom’s beautiful book: Have a little Faith.

A little girl came home from school with a drawing she’d made in class. She danced into the kitchen, where her mother was preparing dinner.
“Mom, guess what ?” she squealed waving the drawing.
Her mother never looked up.
“What”? she said, tending to the pots.
“Guess what?” the child repeated, waving the drawings.
“What?” the mother said, tending to the plates.
“Mom, you’re not listening!”
“Sweetie, yes I am”
“Mom,” the child said “you’re not listening with your EYES!”

Kids always listen with their eyes. Because they haven’t yet lost their curiosity to know, their inquisitiveness is still alive, and they haven’t lost belief in wonderment and. They know that they don’t know many things, and are always looking for answers. The simplest of the things amaze them, dazzle them, fascinate them. They go all ‘woah’ and ‘oh boy’ about the simplest novelties of life.

You remember the first time you saw an airplane? Or the times you opened birthday presents? Or the first time you tied your shoelaces yourself? You probably don’t remember when or how you did those things, but you can certainly never forget how those things made you feel.

Curiosity. Awe. The belief that the world is an incredible place where anything can happen. That keeps them listening. That keeps them asking. That keeps them children.

We, on the other hand, have lost it somewhere. Because we think we’ve been there done that, and  Not that there is nothing left to be amazed at; The world is still incredible (ask a child). Just that we think its more important to be worried about the things we know than to be excited about the things we don’t.

It is still incredible how mesmerizing the monsoon is, how the birds, like us, chatter and fight, and how our kids learn things and grow up so fast.

Be dazzled. Discover what’s incredible in the most mundane of things. Be curious. Stay young. Stay foolish. Stay a child. Listen with your eyes.


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