The best day to live

Today, I have nothing to write about. But I have a lot to discover. I have a lot of moments to live, a lot of smiles to bring. Today is the best day to be doing everything I’ve been wanting to do. Everything that would just take a few minutes, a few hours, but would make a huge difference in someone else’s life, and hence in mine.

I have nothing to write about, because I have experienced very little, and though I’ve been sighted all through the years, I have forgotten how to see. I shall see today, with my mind, my heart and my skin. I shall walk today on the rain-clad street that runs ahead of my home. I shall have a warm chat with my long lost friends I love so much. I shall work, but work to discover what I love most about it. I shall cook my family something light, and choreograph a beautiful dance of my choice. I’ll do all the little sweet nothings I can, just to shake life up a little bit. It won’t make much of a difference, but it’ll be like pouring a pot of gentle, warm water on a wall of ice. And I’ll keep doing that every single day of my life, until the ice is molten, and I can see the beautiful meadow that awaits for me to tread on. The beautiful meadow called life.


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