I feel as light as a feather. I feel like grabbing an umbrella and walking out in the rain, sloshing through puddles and streams of water on the road. If I were home right now, I would step out into the balcony and drench myself to my heart’s content. And the line of trees before my home would laugh with me.

I’m happiest during the monsoons. Sounds random, but its true. Some call the weather ‘dull’, I like to call it calming. I like the sound of my voice in the midst of the sound of gushing rain. And boy, I sing out aloud. The rains make me want to write, and though it always starts as a song about nature, it almost always ends with a parallel to my life.

Why do people like me love the rains so much? What is it about this time of the year that transforms us?

To me, it is the feeling of freedom from all shackles, releasing yourself from all inhibitions like the rain from the dark cloud, and surrendering like a child to the abundance that showers.


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