The seal

What is right? What is wrong? What is good? What is bad? Where is the line that separates them? Which is the mirror that shows the truth? Who tells you that the mirror you’ve picked is the right one?

Whom should you follow? What should you feel guilty about? What should you be punished for? What should you be blessed for? Who deserves your love? What are you deserving of?

What are you wearing? Who are you being? What is deep down in your soul? Should you embrace it? Or should you put it to sleep?

What should you let go, what should you fight for? Who decides?

The fault of the scriptures and the great men, was that they spoke about only what was right. The fault of the common man was that he took everything else for wrong. And he documented it for the generations to follow.

Need we leave our mind and senses tape-sealed for the rest of our lives? Can’t we just tear them off for once, and see life the way we see it, not the way we should?


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