Knowing how to see

Do we see more bad people than good, or do we see people who haven’t been discovered yet? When we walk through our office doors, do we see a bunch of boring colleagues, or a bunch of people who would have incredible things to share if one asked them? Do we see our kids as better or lesser than the others, or do we see how incredibly unique each kid is? Do we see our business product as too new, too risky, or as something everybody would love to have once they get to know about it?

At the core of every happy heart, every creative mind, every satisfied mind, and every successful person is one skill: the skill of knowing how to see. That changes everything.


2 thoughts on “Knowing how to see

  1. I think we originally at first glance see people as they want us to see them, once we get to know them we see them as we want to see them, and once we grow to love them we see them for who they truly are.

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