Give, and forget

Giving is not of as much philanthropic glamour as it is attributed to have. It is pointless unless it is pure, and keeping it pure isn’t easy. So before you take the least of pride in yourself being a giver, it is wise to realize:

You aren’t giving unless you are giving from yourself: From your knowledge, from your time, from your love, from your selflessness

The feeling out of which you give is your return gift: If you give unwillingly or out of hatred, you will carry the feeling of unwillingness and hate yourself for having given, if you give out of joy, the joy will stay with you for ever

You’re aren’t giving if you’re expecting something in return: If a return or a personal gain or a feeling of indebtedness is what you’re aiming at, you’re  aspiring to sell, not to give.

True giving:

Give without reason. If you feel like giving something, don’t rationalize. Give.
Give without judging  whether the person deserves the giving or not. If you will, judge if you deserve to give.
Give like nature gives. Unconditionally. Selflessly. Without intent. If you must have an intent, let it be to bring comfort in the life of the receiver.
Give, and forget. Don’t treat giving is never an accomplishment, it is not. Rather, make it a habit.
If you’ve never really felt the urge to give, perhaps you’ve never realized the value of what you have. Be grateful, and you will forever be a happy, satisfied giver.


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