The art of sacrifice

It’s not called sacrifice until you are giving up something you deeply value. And if you are, it cleanses your soul. And this cleansing is your reward.

The one who sacrifices should not have proud lips, for sacrifice is dead when it is boasted about. The true giver celebrates his sacrifice, within himself alone.

Sacrifice is born out of love for beyond oneself. If you haven’t learned to love anyone but yourself, you can never reap the joy of sacrifice.

Sacrifice cannot carry the weight of expectation. If you dissolve it in expectations for it to be recognized, valued and returned, the goodness of sacrifice is evaporated.

Sacrifice cannot be made if only the living moment is valued. The living moment demands the experience of everything. Sacrifice smiles selflessly at today, looks forgivingly at the past and lovingly at the future.

A young mother who willingly sacrifices her career to nurture her child will never regret it nor voice it, even when the child grows up to disregard it. For she knows that she sacrificed for her own satisfaction, and not for gratitude or veneration from her child. And that satisfaction is her greatest lifelong reward.


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