Listen out, and move on

The situation each one of us has to face often: People do not always behave sensibly like we anticipate them to. Sometimes, they’re far out of their normal self. They might smile at you today but give you a disgusted look tomorrow. People are like that. Some of them give in to their emotions too easily, being influenced by the remotest ups and downs of daily life. But usually, they get over it within a matter of time.

In the meanwhile, you don’t let these extreme and impulsive reactions of people stump you out. When you have to face it, trigger a quick reminder in your head for the following:

1. You cannot please everyone always. And you shouldn’t always be doing or saying stuff just to please people.

2. The very person who is acting weird is probably going to forget about it soon.

3. You keep your balance of mind. Don’t get into the wasteful battle of impulses.

4. Listen out the impulsive outburst first. Speaking in the midst of it will only drag the session longer. Then respond. Alternatively, don’t. In any case, your mission should be to get over with the situation, and forget about it.

5. Often, the problem isn’t the outburst, it’s the constant outbursts. If it is a habit of the person, and you have the time and interest to change it, good luck. If you have neither, you’re wasting every minute you spend thinking about it.

After all, you were not born to sit down and change everything that bothers you. You were born to move on.


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