The reciprocity of motivation

This is simple. Give a small portion of motivation from deep within, and see how much of it you get back.

We love our exclusivity in some way or the other; we like the fact that we’re different and better than people around us in that some way. But there’s an ugly side to this exclusivity: we also have custom- (and often self-) made pain, suffering, and bruises inside the heart, that stay unhealed over the years. We feel secretly ashamed, dissatisfied and unfortunate. And then if we choose to, we cling on to these feelings like we cling to soft pillows or iron shields; switching the prop as and when the situation demands. And we (almost proudly) claim no one has ever suffered like we have. We feel removed, demotivated. And we sit over it.

What we should really look for are people who contradict our exaggerated sense of misfortune. People who have it worse, and are tired of fighting their fate and the pain or suffering that’s in it. And they should see hope in us, through us, our words of experience, our actions. We should feed them with the motivation that we seek.

And as we take their leave, and look back, we will feel full of satisfaction. Satisfied that we changed someone’s perspective towards life, and motivated to change our own.

We can either come out and shed some light, or hide our face beneath the pillow and sigh. The choice is always ours.


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