Hey everyone. Out of the many everyday-realizations, I realized yesterday that I had this beautiful blog. And I hadn’t written on it for a long, long time. And when I ran over the stuff I’d written months ago, I remembered how satisfying but occasional those creative outbursts of thought were.
But things are different now. The senses have replenished. The mind is decluttering. The voice of the heart is clearer. And there is so much more to life than just philosophy.
There’s a sprawling new office, the new-found sense of freedom and pride, a small but self-owned business idea, a pool of resources for everyday inspiration, a stonger conviction, a better pact with the future, the growing pursuit of minimalism, and the joy of discovering and sculpting myself every single day.

And so, if there is a good time for me to realize that I have a beautiful blog and that I can freely write something little but beautiful everyday, that time is now.


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