And you thought MLMs were tacky

I’m partnering with my dad in one of the world’s most successful and widespread Multi-level-marketing businesses. We’ve decided to get rich. Smarter.

The viscious, suffocating financial web is often handcrafted. I hear of people going broke, people being forced out of IT companies, people getting fed up paying for credit cards and loans, people working overtime and then paying their medical bills, I hear of people working hard. Real hard, to get out of this giant-sized financial maze. Only, I don’t really get to hear or read much about people who’ve sucessfully climbed out of it.Somehow, there always seem to be more snakes than ladders. And when nothing else is wrong, recession has to barge in.

But in the past few months, I’ve met people who’ve been comfortably unperturbed by the global financial whirlpool. They travel across the world, speak at seminars and amaze people with the simplicity of their success stories. Most of them have earned enough for their oncoming generations. They’re relaxing, working, owning businesses, contributing to social causes; basically, they’re doing what they love to do. They’re living the most deeply satisfying versions of their dreams.

How did they get there? By building a community under them, encouraging them to switch their brand loyalty to a better, healthier, and often cost-effective brand of products. And each happy member of the community spreads the encouragement further within his social circle. And so the community compounds. And with it compounds the income of every member who contributed therein.

The more encouragement you spread, the more number of lives you change, the richer you get. Simple.
We’re not selling soaps and supplements, we’re evangelizing. We’re encouraging people to adopt the better lifestyle the brand offers. And we’re getting paid for it.

As I said. I’ve decided to get rich. Smarter.


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