Look who’s here…its ‘New Year’!

I love this time of the year. No matter what the year took us through, we never let it go without appreciating it. Some of us party, some of us spend some ‘quality’ time with our families, and some people like me sit back and enjoy back to back movies at home, a piece of pizza in one hand, an a glass of chilled coke in another. And then, as I realise that 2010 will be bidding adieu in a few minutes, I start reflecting…and it’s THIS part that I love the most.

When I think of the year that was, I think of the marvellous trip I got to make to a paradise called ‘Heidelberg’…then I think of  my college friends, then of my commercial playback debut, then of my workplace, of the amazing friends I got to make at work, then again of Heidelberg.. 🙂

I also think about the not-so-good graduation exams, the time when I studied for the wrong subject for my finals, then of the most terrifying event of the year: my MUSIC EXAM (!!), of the times when I felt I wasn’t really going anywhere in life, and all that philosophical outburst…but then I remember Heidelberg again…! 😉

And as I think of one of ‘Dorothy’s’ lines in the play The Wizard of Oz, ‘Although some of it wasn’t really good, most of it was wonderful..’, I ponder: so true!

So, what am I going to do ‘new’ this year? Well, I’m not declaring any ‘resolution’ (not even to myself!), but here are some things I’m really looking forward to be doing EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR…lets see how it works out..

1. Hitting the gym: Out of the few wishes that I fulfilled in the year that has just gone by, was joining the gym. I have wanted to do that since a really long time. And somehow, I could finally ‘do’ it only recently. And I’m sure I’m gonna walk my way to the gym and work out like mad every day. Because I love focussing on my muscles, and doing the stretches, and pulling up dumbles, and feeling the sweat run down my back and my heart thump as I jog on the treadmill. So gymming is first on my list. Because I LOVE gymming.

2. Relishing German: German has been really good to me. And if you ever spoke to my family folks about it, they’d agree that I’m a total freak for the language, and was probably born in the wrong country. But somewhere, between academics and work, this passion has taken a backseat. Thanks to my Heidelberg trip, now I have got a nice fat bunch of travellers’ magazines, booklets on German churches, books filled with christmas stories, and one amazing book on German poetry. I have already taken a new dive into the language lately, and I plan to keep swimming!

3. Make-up with Classical music: My music exam: Ouch, that hurt! I wasn’t really very much into Classical Music, and since its been a little over 10 years of this flirting with it, it’s time that I show a bit more commitment towards it. Afterall, it’s given me an awful lot of good things, and I should really show  some gratitude. So, though I do sing everyday, I’m gonna take out some quality time to listen, learn and enjoy Classical music all  over again. Not for any exam, or for any person. For myself. And for the music in me.

4. Make-up with Classical Dance: I LOVE classical dance. Again, I’d learnt dance for quite a few years, but then academics took a bigger space on the picture. Eventually, I left classical dance, and now I have it all in my head (and my blood) in bits and pieces. I cannot resist the beat of the Mridangam, nor resist showing facial expressions when I watch some exponent perform. And when I reflected on how happy I am when I’m mentally choreographing a music piece, or teaching a kid a dance number, I knew that I have to get back to it. And soon, I will. Because I now have a new dream..a new destination to look forward to.

5. Socializing: I’ve never really socialized much. My family has an enormous social circle, 3/4th of which I don’t know about. Even my friends: I want to spend some more unforgettable moments with them, plan bigger Birthday surprises, be there for them more often, and also meet more new people! That should be fun!

6. Blogging: I’m writing this blog post after a reeeeeally long time, and it feels amazing that it came through so effortlessly. I’m gonna keep blogging, I’m gonna keep you posted. I’m gonna be telling you about the ‘amazing things’ that’ll keep happening and some that I’ll make happen myself. So don’t forget to drop by and take a read sometimes!

Well, 2011 is here, and I’m all excited about it. Hope you have a very eventful year, doing more things you love, feeling younger, happier, and never get tired of spreading love and laughter!

Happy New Year, people!

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