Go, buy yourself a dog…..

What difference can a dog make in your life?

Someone rightly said that a dog is the only creature on earth that survives just by doing one thing: Giving love.

The joy of having a little puppy running around your house and learning to jump onto your lap is irreplaceable. Yes, it is undoubtedly quite a job taking care of a dog, feeding it, bathing it, and constantly cleaning up the mess it’s made. But it’s all compensated for when it runs to you with a waggety tail when you come back home from a hard day’s work, just to caress you in every way it can. If only it could talk, it would be saying, “You are the loveliest being on earth to me. I missed you so! And I’m so glad you’re back!!”

And you were wishing you had a boyfriend/ girlfriend to tell you that. Well, when it comes to giving love, dogs are incomparable to human beings. And that is so in spite of dogs having only limited abilities to express their love. Human beings can say ‘I love you’, but the sad part is,  usually contains an invisible P.S. note: ‘and so you should love me, and call me every hour of the day to say it, go on a date with me every weekend, compliment me no matter how shabby I dress or how bad I smell, not dare to date anyone else, not forget my birthday, not say no when I ask you to come over, not hide anything from me, not do this, not be that……..’. The list is painfully long, and differs from human to human.

Thank God a dog can’t say that it loves you. It can only show it does. And I’m sure it doesn’t have even the slightest desire for you to call up every hour, or to buy it expensive gifts or that you should love nobody on this earth other than itself!

Humans can say, “You mean the world to me.” But when your doggie curls up by your bedside every morning, waiting for you to wake up, or when it sleeps with its tummy on your feet while you’re too busy reading a magazine, or when he rushes and curls up right on your lap when he hears thunder, you know it for sure, that you do mean the world to him.

A dog will nuzzle you when you are lonely, and not complain when you leave it all alone and party with friends. A dog will cuddle you and cheer you up when you’re down, though you may not even notice when he’s feeling low. Whatever little love you give, it accepts it with gratitude. And increase that love just as much as an inch, and see how immeasurably beloved you feel. If your love for the dog is genuine, what it gives back to you can make you more than just smile; it can even bring you tears of joy!!

Because it’s surreal when somebody loves you so much. And loves you irrespective of who or what you are, rich or poor, old or young, beautiful or ugly. It’ll love you even if you’ve made a mistake, even when you’ve lost your job or love, or found a new one, even when you think you don’t deserve that love….it’ll love you till the end.

So if you think you need to be loved beyond condition and sans complexity or expectations, go buy yourself a little dog, whom you’ll love to watch grow, play and run around. See what that little four-legged creature with a curved tail can make out of your lonely life.

And if you’ve already got a dog, don’t necessarily buy it the best dog food, the prettiest dog-accessories, only to leave it alone all day. Even giving him a lavish and cosy dog house to live in won’t do. Because, if it does have a real home, it’s you!!

(The above article is dedicated to my lovely little Labrador Bruno, who lives at my grandparents’ place. It’s such a joy to have him playing with me in the backyard, or to have him curled in on my lap, or following me around the house….Its lovely to be loved so much! And if you really want to know what magic a doggie can bring into your life, watch this film called ‘Homeward Bound: An incredible Journey.’ I’m sure you’ll love it!)


2 thoughts on “Go, buy yourself a dog…..

  1. 🙂 a very nce and apt piece..my dog did all that magic to me and to my family..she;s also a lab, is called jenny and is now 7 yrs old..when i had got her home, no one actually wanted to keep her for long…i was the only doglover in the house..and now, no one can live without her..maybe nly i can – or have had to, when i need to travel..she’e become a very imp family member now..:)

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