The fairy in you and me….

The past few days have been some of the most beautiful days of my life. Days filled with little moments, which I’m sure will remain in my heart forever. I was doing what I loved to do, I’d been at the place I most love to be, and with people whose company I treasure the most. I was almost like I’ve lived a dream.

I was a part of a German play staged yesterday at my German institute, Max Mueller Bhavan. It was something I had long wanted to do. And I’m still basking in the joy of having done it!! The concept of the play was beautifully unique; it was a delightful combination of various popular fairytales originally from Germany, and this combination created a brand new fairytale, one with its own distinct and valuable message.

I played a fairy in the play….a fairy who was once evil, and whose unkind deeds confined her magical life to the  emptiness and darkness of a deep well somewhere in a forest. The only possible way she could free herself off the  fruits of her bitter past was by helping out somebody in distress. And, she did.

As per the story, everyone who is evil or bad or not half as good as he/ she can be has to land up into the well at some point of time, and remain there under until one realises the cause for one’s fall and betters oneself. So to say, its just a simple scene from a fairytale. But little did I know it would have a hidden message for me!

Hey, read on, it could have one for you, too!!

We humans have a distinct ability, an ability which makes our lives so much easier: we humans can kid ourselves really well! Of course, the degree of such ability differs from person to person. We do something wrong, or we be less kind than we can be, or we work less harder than before with every little ‘success’, and to get over all this, we kid ourselves about being right and good and happy, with the help of life’s little gifts which we haven’t even earned; we’ve got them for free.

An example: You while away the whole academic year either partying, or going on long vacations or hanging out with friends at the movies, only to pile up study material on your table hardly two weeks before your exams. And then you sit up every night, trying to study in 14 days what you ought to have in almost a year, so that, no matter how badly you score, you can kid yourself into believing that you spent sleepless nights studying really hard for your exams.

You can confidently sing the same song or do the same dance everytime you perform before an audience, and kid yourself about being a great performer. You can deck yourself up in an as-good-as-new tracksuit and go for a morning jog once in a blue moon, so you can kid yourself that you’re sweating it out to lose weight. You never miss a chance to give a lift to a pretty young girl, just so that you can win some time with her and have her obliged to you, and of course, you can proudly give yourself the ‘nice guy’ or the ‘kind guy’ tag, even when you know that you hardly care when an old woman needs help crossing the street.

We think we are the best we can be. We make ourselves think so, rather. Even when we know that we’re obviously not. And in the course of time, all this ‘make believe’ increases to such heights, that we accept it as reality. It blinds us, this fake reality. And as we blindly and confidently walk our way through, with every step we take, we lead ourselves to the Brunnen, the well…..until…..eventually(but, to us, suddenly)…..THUD!!! Down we go! The blindfold is finally off our eyes…and we see our reality…our darkness!!

This ‘well’ could be anything; a real bad experience that was an eye-opener, a person whom you hated, but later, learnt great things from, a place where you suffered like hell, but from where you returned home a better person, or maybe even a period of time, when everything went wrong, when you underwent great suffering and turmoil, when you thought its all over, but thereafter you lived with the confidence of having learnt your lesson and of having conquered life’s toughest battles and darkest times…..

And somewhere deep in the well, there is a small door… opens to a meadow full of light, fragrance and beauty, where spring prevails as long as you allow it to, and you will be happy as long as you strive to be the best you can be…Those of you who’ve passed through your phase of soul-searching and found out the reality even through this darkness, have found their way to the meadow……don’t be in a hurry to find the door, it won’t unlock without you having found your soul….

And for those of us who haven’t fallen into the Brunnen, it means that the next step could land us in there….! It also means that we can still stop where we are for a moment, try hard to take the thick blindfold off our eyes, and peep into the deep well to realise the danger we saved ourselves from…! And once you’ve thrown away that blindfold, then walk on, the meadow won’t be too very far away….!!

Lebt wohl!

(I just re-read what I’ve written. Probably gives me the image of some great philosopher or thinker. No, I’m not one.  Wouldn’t have got none of these thoughts, hadn’t I done the fairy’s role in the play….so its just the fairy in me whose talking, whose eyes many things keep blinding, and who tries her best to keep them wide open!!)


5 thoughts on “The fairy in you and me….

  1. Hi, you probably do not know me. I am a friend of Abhiraj and was teaching at the MMB for many many years. Right now we are living in Sweden. I too used to love doing plays and songs with my students. Abhi has told me about the plays he is doing with you and I think its great! I just wanted to let you know I loved what wrote about the fairy in me. It was so insightful, beautiful and just…one of the many lessons life teaches us. Only this time you were shown it in such a beautiful way. May you coninue following your passions and doing what you love. And practising random acts of kindness. Yes, there is nothing as important as being true to yourself, but also making a difference to others. Good luck. You are lucky to have someone like Abhiraj to lead and inspire.

    1. Hi Shirin…..
      Thanks a lot for your words of appreciation. They mean a lot to me. And the sweetest part is, you dont even know if i know you, but that didn’t stop you from writing to me!! A big thanks for that!! I do know you by the way, and you play the piano beautifully!! 🙂

      Once again, herzlichen Dank!!

  2. Hi Preeti,
    many have said so by now, and i shall do it yet again: it’s beautiful! You know myths and fairy tales have been one of my Lieblingsbeschaeftigungen since many years. It’s a fascinating, yet a perilous realm that I always yearn to enter. I have been blessed enough to get some magical glimpses into that world when I read (and reread) well as Harry also some of Tolkien’s thoughts on the subject. Analysis of myths and fairy tales has also always intrigued me. I have come to know that there are many universal symbols embedded in myths and fairy tales (and our dreams as well), that one tends to ‘grasp’ unconsciously. It is not a conscious cognisance (or re-cognisance) of the meaning of the symbols, which is almost always extrinsically acquired; rather it is is a meaning we confer upon the symbols when the symbols resonate within our souls…and the magic is, the generally, these symbols are universal…they are harmonious..!

    It is this conferring of meaning to the symbol of the Brunnen which most fascinated me in this expression of yours..I don’t think we ever discussed this while talking about your role..yet you grasped it…es ist dir aufgefallen!

    Feels great that you chose to share this..

    Danke! Und mach so weiter!

  3. Hello there……I was a student of mmb….did all the courses from over there….Well and just like you i have had the lovely chance of learning deutsch with abhiraj:he was our G3 lehrer…! what you all have done is truly deeply wonderful…….I was invited to come over thr for the play but due to other work couldnt make it…….! sadly…..but what you have described, and the pictures of nupur doshi n alisha… all…..simply say it all…….
    heres raising a toast to all of you for making this lovely play….I would definitely come and watch ………..! regards to abhiraj too for making this concept into a reality…..and lovely thoughts you have penned down….truly frank and original…….! I simply adored them…..

    here’s wishing you all the best and looking forward to being part of many more such things,

    1. Thanks a lot manjiri…

      hope you could be a part of bunte buehne, too!!

      and hope to meet you sometime!! 🙂

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